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Jefferson Post-Graduate Hawks 


Our goal is to help high school graduates with a history in football to develop more maturity, education, and athletic skills so they become eligible for playing at a higher level of college.

The Jefferson Post-Graduate Football organization was started in 2017 by Lorenzo "Coach Wren" Petty, Samuel Ansley, and Travis Carswell. We operate as a nonprofit. We are a charter member of the Southern Post Grad Conference.

Our coaches agree to follow a code of conduct, and the players must also agree to follow a code of conduct.


We do not have an ideal candidate for admission, but we do look for character and maturity in the young men who want to be JPG Hawks.

Players must be students at Lawson State Community College. But our organization is not part of the college. Lawson State does not have a football team.

Our football home field for 2022 is at Wenonah High School.


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