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Application to Join the Team

To apply for either the football or basketball team, you must pay a $100 nonrefundable application fee. The payment must be made before your application is recognized. Make the payment through the orange button, then fill out the application form here.

Member Payments

The total annual fee to play is $2,600. You can pay all at once or pay in installments. The deadline for paying this amount in full is June 15, 2021.


The first $650 is a commitment fee and is nonrefundable.


These payments cover

  • Equipment

  • Travel to games and overnight expenses

  • Pre-game meals and, for away games, post-game meals

  • Team liability insurance

  • Practice gear

Paying in 4 installments will be $650 each.

Paying in 3 installments will be $870 each.

Paying in 2 installments will be $1,300 each.


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